The Orchard and The Free Store

I took this picture about a month ago. The trees are now finished blossoming and in full leaf. This spring is just whipping by.

I was at the Free Store the other day (it's the ultimate thrift store, run by the regional authority to reduce what goes into landfill)with my brother. He's a little more connected to the world of buying things, so as I was rummaging through a box of junk in search of treasure, I asked "Does it bother you that I'm such a scavenger?", sending my question in the direction of the red-clad legs that were walking past me. "Well, it's a hell of a lot better than being a consumer", came the answer, and I looked up in amazement at his insight. Turns out it was another red shorts wearing guy that I had never met before.

But Rob was in the back, gleefully holding up a perfectly good motorcycle helmet. Just a half hour earlier he had been speculating on the chances of finding a helmet on the island so that he could take a passenger on his return trip.

I tell ya, a trip to the Free Store never disappoints.