This will give you a hint of where I have been hiding out the past few weeks. The much rumoured, now to be seen, GARDEN! *Warning* I'm about to shamelessly add to the kazillion flower pictures in the blogosphere, but they are beautiful, so there!

The two acre garden had been neglected for the last several years. Treasures such as this columbine were just waiting to be discovered amongst the weeds.

I love the dotted stamens of these blossoms.

More blossoms, plum, I think.

This laburnum has been alive with bees for the last week.

A couple of unusual tulips were freed from the snarl of vetch and horsetail.

Some lovely rhododendrons in the yard near the house, so we can enjoy them while attending to ablutions in the bathroom.

Early spring brought more than 15 different types of daffodil to the yard.

This spicy scented rhodo is blooming in an out of the way corner near a giant cedar tree.

The greenhouse, otherwise known as "Versailles" due to the engineering vision of the builder, has been completed, although the fine tuning may go on indefinitely. The hoops are on their second time round as roof supports, after beginning life as the bulkhead of a 737 airplane. How the plane got to Lasqueti is another story.

The tomatoes couldn't wait to get in. I am growing Black Krim, Principe Borghese, Kutenai, and Yellow Pear.

The garlic is chest high.

This is what the garden looked like this morning, a far cry from less than a month ago (below.)

Shawn, one of the island farmers, plowed this for me in an hour.

Succulent spinach is already going into salads.

Five different kinds of lettuce jostle for position. The thinnings go into salads until there's room left for the heads to mature.

Thanks for hanging in with my erratic posts. I'm hoping there will be some stitching to show soon too!

PS to Anna, I have lost your email address. Can you send it to me? Thanks, hope all is well.


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Lovely garden photos Heather - that white blossom with the big stamens is really spectacular, do you know what it is? I envy you the green house too - it will make a huge difference to what you can grow. The growing season where I live is very short, with frosts occurring from April to November and my tomatoes do not always ripen in time. Also nice to see another blogger who is as keen a gardener as a stitcher, that is why there are never enough hours in the day. Cheers, Sue McB

  2. no wonder you have been out of sight. a lot to show for it tho....

  3. wow, that looks like a big garden! and those photos are beautiful...I am such a sucker for flower pics.

  4. Lovely garden & photos. I'm alway envious of other peoples gardens, I only have a yard, but then I'm not really a gardner.

    I think you are right the white blossoms are plum.

  5. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Incredible! You've got a small farm there. You've inspired me to finally get to work on my balcony garden. I should be able to take care of a few pots of basil and tomatoes I think.
    I look forward to more pictures of your bit of Eden in the Salish Sea. Jean-Pierre

  6. Tania Arias11:22 AM

    las fotos de las flores estan super lindas, increible creacion de la naturaleza, me alegra mucho que todavia existan personas que se preocupan de lo que no entrega la tierra.


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