Golden Jubilee

I am so pleased to report that the 50th anniversary sweaters were safely delivered to the honorees, Constance and Amworth Antonio. Here is a picture of the couple, wearing their new sweaters, with their son, Jean-Pierre, who commissioned them.

It was the first time I had met Jean-Pierre's parents, who proved to be a lovely couple indeed. I know JP has charted his own path in life, but he must have had pretty strong roots to be the solid, generous, talented, thoughtful and unique individual he is.

I am blessed to have a friend like him. Big hugs, JP!

And blessing to the Antonios, who celebrate 50 years together. I needed to draw on their example of patience, perseverence, creativity, faith and a sense of humour to make these sweaters. It was a great honour to be able to create these special garments for them.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Why, thank you for the kind words Heather. In the list of qualities that have got my parents to their 50th, I think you could also add sheer stubborness. I know I'll be stirring some Quebecois and Jamaican feathers here but I do believe that those two countries do possess a particularly tenacious force. There was always a lot of emotion and spirit in our house. It kept them going and I think it'll keep them going to a 60th too. I'll ask you to knit toques for them then.
    Thanks again, Jean-Pierre

  2. Great job on the sweaters, Heather! And they look good on the wearers!

  3. I love the sweaters - and I love couples who match.


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