Spring Flowers and Funny Looking Sheep

The flowers are bravely pushing up in spite of the cold winds and rain.

They hold a promise of lovely days to come.

Not a bad shot for my little digital camera. Even more amazing is the web that a wee spider has woven.

Enough of the pretty pictures and on to a more serious concern - keeping my dog out of the trouble she so dearly would like to get into. Those of you with teenagers may relate.

Keiko is very clever and has the hyperactive energy of her border collie forebears. As long as I keep throwing the sticks she is okay. Unfortunately Lasqueti is a place where the local feral sheep are valued more highly than the family pet, and yesterday I had an unidentified neighbour tell me that my dog was going to get shot if it ran free. Now, at the time the dog was in my yard and behaving herself nicely, so I assumed it was just a pre-emptive strike on the neighbour's part. (She very clearly was afraid of dogs.)

However, last summer, Keiko did indeed chase a sheep, prompting a rather hysterical rescue. (I tried to link but failed. Go to the August, 2008 archive on the sidebar for a full account.)

I am doing my best to keep her leashed and submissive, but I am tormented by the thought that she may escape when my vigilence lapses. So, I have been thinking about knitting her a sheep outfit that she can wear when she goes out. Then, if she gets loose and goes after a wooly friend, the islanders will only be talking about that funny looking sheep they saw chasing one of its own down the beach, instead of that damn Cameron dog that ought to be shot.
What do you think? The black legs should pass, a big floppy forelock and a fluffy white coat are all she needs. Might have to file down the teeth a bit. And teach her to say "Baaaaaa."