Valentine's Knitting

A True Story, to Warm the Cockles of the Heart of Any Knitter

It is mid-evening, the pajamas are on, and the good wife is sitting in bed, knitting, as she is wont to do. Her husband, the brave knight, is busy on the computer, as HE is wont to do. He has a project, and expects to be at it until the wee hours of the morning.

"Oh, this yarn is so soft, I can't believe it's wool. Come feel it against your cheek, darling", she twitters, interrupting his train of thought.

"Just a moment..." he answers distractedly.

"Please, honey."

"Oh, all right."

He gets up from the desk and comes over. She holds the knitting up to his cheek and asks, "Tell me how it feels."

His eyes close and a sweet smile comes to his lips. "It feels like warmth and coziness and being loved."

"Oh my", she coos, "You are one smooth talkin' man..."

And they slide under the quilts together, leaving the computer to shut itself off.


  1. What a sweet little tale! and a happy pair who know what really counts in life. This would be a much better world if more people understood this.

  2. ....and the quilt was happy to be of use....

  3. Heather, you're my new artistic inspiration! After reading your blog, I feel a want to renew my artistic spirit. I've tried to leave time in my schedule for creativity, but work has gotten in the way recently. I want my artsy time back!

  4. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Very sweet!

  5. Anonymous7:45 PM

    This story made me feel warm and cozy... Sounds like life is good (despite the lack of money refered to in the next post)


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