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Julie over at Handcrafted Life tagged me for Seven Random Things About Me. Considering my blogs are full of random information and asides, I'm not sure anyone will be very interested. But I would hate to be considered a bad sport (Does that count as one bit of randomness?) so I'll play - in any case make sure you visit Julie, she's a great knitter and has wonderful chickens.
1. I have been married a shocking number of times (3).
2. I was quite the hippie in high school, circa 1975.
3. My first course of study was photography. I dropped out halfway through the first year because I kept falling asleep during the seminars on film emulsions. Famous Canadian director Bruce McDonald was in my class.
4. I once had the opportunity to meet the Ramones, and was disappointed that all DeeDee had to say was "Anyone have a valium?"
5. My favourite food to cook is Middle Eastern (except for goat).
6. I am an oldest child (no surprise there, I'm a veritable Lucy van Pelt in the bossines department.)
7. I am tone deaf. Years of piano lessons had virtually no positive effect on my musical ability.

And now, sportiness worn off, I decline the opportunity to tag more people. Anyone reading this who is so inspired may seize the gauntlet if they like! Or start a new round of tag - how about "Share a celebrity encounter story"?


  1. thanks for playing! If I had celebrity encounter story, I would certainly share, but I seem to be sadly lacking in that arena!

  2. a wonderful collection of facts.

  3. Lucy always was my hero too.


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