Dream Interpretation Anyone?

I have a recurring dream. I hope that some of my fellow threadheads may help shed some light on the meaning of it. Perhaps fabric features prominently in your dreams as well?

In my dream, I visit a large hall (museum, fabric shop, market) that is filled with glorious textiles. (I am amazed that my brain can conjure up such beauty.) I am told that I can take as much as I wish. Invariably, when I go to leave the fabrics in my arms turn to rags, disappear, or are not the ones I thought I had chosen.

This dream sometimes happens with food instead of cloth.

I think this dream has something to do with how I view life, but am I really that pessimistic and sad? Some times this dream is so upsetting that it turns into a nightmare.


  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Well, I think the only "correct" interpretation (if something like that exists for a dream) is inside you... but I don't see the dream as something pessimistic.

    I think it expresses just what happens, when we craft something: before a piece of fabric, a ball of yarn,... contains endless possibilities. Once we have done something with it (and leave the room) we also have rejected all other possibilities for the thing to become. Except the one we have chosen.

    Maybe a bit sad, but... that's the way it is. And not pessimistic in my eyes.

  2. That's an interesting way to look at it. Thank you!
    I did quite a bit of dream work in my art therapy training. We were very much in the Freudian tradition. I know I should be able to figure out my dream, but sometimes it is helpful to have an external perspective.

  3. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I have on occassion dreamed that I found some interesting collage art supplies at a flea market or on the road (and been quite excited about it), then during the course of the dream, they simply disappeared or transformed into something else (I've also had a similar dream involving finding money). Usually, the dreams don't feel like anything more than reflections of what I had on my mind on in the day. However, when a dream does seem extra vivid and well-remembered after waking (happens less and less these days), I usually pay it a bit more attention. I find that this kind of dream tends to come at times of transition in my life and (for me at least) usually tends to confirm in symbolic language something personal I've already (perhaps unconsciously) figured out.... I've also had dreams in which i come up with what I think is a really great story idea or solution to a problem in a story i'm working on, and when i do remember it upon waking, it makes no sense at all... perhaps these dreams are simply a sign that our minds are striving to create even in our sleep (??)

  4. as long as there are textiles , to me it is a good dream.

  5. Veronica10:22 AM

    Hi Heather, the textiles are clearly something that you love and appreciate. In the dream they may represent actual textiles, your art productions, people, or anticipated promises of something good. They are, in fact, gloriously beautiful in the dream and have immense potential. You have every reason to expect something good to come from them and in fact you have been invited to enter and take what you wish. The ending may indicate that perhaps this is a false promise or that you have been let down in some way or you are frustrated with yourself for not fulfilling your potential. Those are 3 very different possibilities.
    Since dreams come to us in the service of health and healing, you might want to ask yourself: "what is the 'solution' to this dream?" Do you need to ask for help? Do you need to take less? Do you need to understand that maybe the promises made to you cannnot be fulfilled? Do you need to see something for what it truly is rather than blindly believing it must be good? I don't know those answers, but I hope you will post if you do!


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