Anna Torma

It may be that I'm just out of the loop, here on the remote Northwest coast, but I only recently became aware of artist Anna Torma. Ms. Torma, a Canadian originally from Hungary, works in a visually dense and evocative style of embroidery and indeed, at first glance I mistook her work for that of Tilleke Schwartz. Although Torma has exhibited internationally and won numerous grants and awards, I don't think she has gained the recognition in the broader craft community that she deserves.

Torma has been been a practising artist since the 1970's, and uses printmaking, quilting, felting and drawing in her work as well as embroidery. I particularly like her use of layered vintage textile fragments as well as her dense Kantha-style stitching. The above photo of the piece "Draw Me a Monster" is from her beautiful website, which is well worth a visit.


  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Wow! Too bad her website doesn't let us see close-up details of her large pieces.

  2. me too, just found her...isn't her work amazing????

  3. im out of the loop down here too. thanks for the link. anazing embroidery.

  4. I absolutely love this piece. Thanks for posting it!


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