Tidal Pool Scarf

This scarf was whipped off in a couple of hours, using a wrap and drop garter stitch, and multiple strands of yarn.

I was inspired by the beauty of the tidal pools of Lasqueti Island.

Not included in the time taken are the little purple starfish beads I made out of Fimo. But they didn’t take long either, and were fun to create. I attached them by threading all the beads plus starfish on the thinnest strand of the yarns I was working with and knitted them in randomly as I went. This was the first time I had knitted with beads and I didn't particularly enjoy the fiddliness. But I ascribe that to just not being very practised at bead knitting.

One thing I like about this project was that it was a great stashbuster. The yarns used had been traveling around for a LONG time. And they are a pretty international bunch too: light blue viscose from France, multi-coloured slubbed cotton and viscose from Holland, a Merino woven tape from the odd ball bin in a San Francisco shop, lime green cotton and rayon from a thrift shop in Tsawwassen, and a purple Cotswold (from England) single handspun by me about 15 years ago. Beads from Japan and Czechoslavakia round out the medley.

I would have used more beads and starfish for total galoptious-ness*, but they added quite a bit of weight and I like a scarf that’s light on the neck.

* Galoptious is a great word I thought was unique to our family, but I found it in Finnegan’s Wake, so it must have Irish origins. It means over the top ornamentation.


  1. That's gorgeous! How did you attach the starfish?

  2. this is beautiful - lovely colours!

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    What a wonderful scarf! I love the additions of the polymer clay starfish. They really add to the theme of the scarf!

  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I once met an Irish woman who told me she was a descendant of a mermaid that had swum close to shore one day and fallen in love with a handsome fisherman from Donegal bay. There was something irridescent about her and I thought I saw small silver fish dart in and out of her long hair. I later mentioned this to another Irish and he said that yes, it was true. That family was famous in Ireland for their mermaid origin. Anyhting is possible on the Emerald Isle I guess.

    When I look at your scarfe I think of that woman. Could it be that there is a bit of mermaid in your family too Heather? Only somebody connected to the sea could have created such a beautiful work.


  5. I love that, its gorgeous, the starfish are a wonderful detail, are they quite secure in there?

    Thanks for giving me another reason for trying again with Finnegans Wake.

  6. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Lovely and fun! (I like Jean-Pierre's story, too)


  7. Oh, you captured the tide pool perfectly! I didn't see it but I hope you have one little ocher star in there too with all the purple ones.


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