As the World Turns

There used to be a soap opera called "As the World Turns", lampooned by Carol Burnett as "As The Stomach Turns". I can't deny that my life at times resembles a soap opera but that isn't what I'm talking about today.

I happen to be a spinner (or spinster), although I haven't done a lot of interesting work lately. But I have sat in front of the wheel for countless hours, the whirling motion embedding itself in my brain, leading me to ponder this fundamental truth of our existence.

We are beings living on a spinning world. In fact, the reason we don't float off into space is because the earth spins. Although it is possible to go through life without being consciously aware of this, I believe we know, down to a cellular level, that we are intrinsically connected to this circular motion.

There are probably zillions of examples of how the spinning of the earth manifests itself in nature, chemistry, physics, etc., but from my little corner I see how it is part of what we make. As the potter's wheel allows clay to be shaped, or the lathe allows wood to be turned into symetrical form, the spinning wheel imparts strength (twist) to fibre so that it can be used to weave, knit, stitch.

I might have returned to this thought because I am finally nearing the end of the Three Graces piece (pics soon). But while walking down on the beach today, I saw how the action of the waves (of course influenced by the gravitational forces of the moon and the spinning of the earth) had spun the seaweed into giant coils. It looked like yarn of the ocean.

I have been interested in Lexy Boeger's art yarns for awhile now, and had been planning to spin something evocative of tidal pools. Now, with this latest inspiration, I know how I'll be spending December - cozy in front of the fireplace, transforming piles of fluffy green mohair, purple silk, wiry brown nylon, tiny purple starfish beads and turquoise sea silk into a yarn that might whisper to all who will listen for a clue to the meaning of life.


  1. i too have been fixed on the concept of spinning. these photos and the post are really hitting home. one cannot avoid being spun.

  2. Awesome visuals with Heather thoughts too?? Thank you!

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Hi Heather,

    amazing photos, especially the last one. Once again your observant eye serves you well.

    Does this mean you have completed the move to the island? I hope it becomes a good home.


    ps. Unfortunately, whenever I hear the word "spin" these days I think of politics and crooked corporations white washing their dirty deeds.

  4. Just in case you need to know ;)As the World Turns is still on CBS!

    Thanks for the info on the book Knitting for Good!!


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