Talking 'Bout My Baby

- can speak Zulu?
- is descended from Robin Hood?
- can discuss Noam Chomsky and do a perfect impression of Julia Child in the same conversation?
- knows what a "reduction" is (and can make one)?
- rescued a sheep from being swept out to sea on our second date?
- owns a tuxedo AND a sewing machine?
- sings to me in the morning?
- can get a wireless signal with an old wok and a couple of elastic bands?
- is the most honest person I have ever met?


  1. the stars are all lined up

  2. what an introduction.

  3. Lucky you; and he looks rrreally nice.

  4. you guys resemble one another. i've always had a theory that this is an indicator of a good couple. i swear, it's true! just look at the sunday times wedding and engagement listings. a remarkable number look like brother and sister.
    anyway... love ya girlfriend.


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