What People Get Up to With No TV!

The most hilarious thing happened today. I don't know what it is about me and hummingbirds but this is turning into a book.

Right after lunch, another hummingbird flew through the french doors into the house. This time, instead of turning around and trying to get out the way it came, it flew up to the loft window. This window can't be reached without a ladder, but the loft balcony rail is about 4 feet away. I thought if I could just get something that would reach, I could help the desperate little creature escape before it exhausted itself flapping against the glass.

Now, a little back story. When my brother first looked at the house, he noticed a very large eyehook above the bed. The owner gave a bit of a wink about it, but we didn't find out the whole story until after the deal had closed. Turns out that he was into kink, and the last somewhat drunken evening Rob and I got to see the whole show. (Well, not quite, apparently his girlfriend had taken all the really good stuff home with her.) Harnesses, whips, I'm not kidding!! It's at times like that you find out just how vanilla you really are!

Anyways, the owner left some of the, uh, apparatus, behind. Back to the poor little trapped hummingbird. I grabbed the first thing that came to hand, let's call it a switch, black leather, about 4 feet long with a little tassel on the end. Leaning over the balcony, I was able to slide the end of the switch under the bird and it grabbed on with its tiny claws. A few tries and, hurrah, I was able to transfer the bird out an open window.

I was strangely elated! And it felt like the switch may have had its moment of redemption as well...


  1. Hey Heather,
    Just did a little snooping about the symbolism of hummingbirds:
    Hummingbird: messenger, timelessness

    Hummingbird - the tiniest of all birds - brings special messages for us. It is the only creature that can stop dead while traveling at full speed. It can hover, or can go forward, backward, up or down. It lives on nectar and searches for the sweetness of life. Its long tongue lets it bypass the often tough and bitter outer layer to find the hidden treasures underneath. Hummingbird is loved by the flowers and plants, for as it sucks the nectar from the flower, the plant reproduces and more of its kind are created. In many traditions, Hummingbird feathers have been prized for their almost magical qualities. It is said that Hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer.

    If you have Hummingbird medicine, you adapt easily to whatever situation you may find yourself in, and make the most of your new circumstances. You don't waste time looking back and wishing for "what was" for you are concerned with making the most of "what is". Also, you could never become addicted to any artificial stimulants, for you find joy in your own heart. You take great pleasure in spreading joy and love and beauty to all around you, and have the gift of taking that inner joy into new and different surroundings. You have a talent for finding the good in people, and are not put off by a gruff or abrupt exterior, for you know that, if you can only get beyond that tough outside layer, you'll find goodness and beauty inside. You may have a gift for working with flowers, maybe growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing. Aroma therapy may be your calling. You have high energy and a spirit that must be free. To restrict that wonderful, free, loving energy is to suffer great depressions and feelings of uselessness. Hummingbird must fly free in search of beauty, spreading joy and love to all it touches.

  2. I would like to be known as "Mistress Hummingbird" from now on, thank you very much!


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