We May All Be Living Like This One Day

(I apologize for the lack of visuals, but the prince still has my camera. I should have it back by next week though.)

I am living a lifestyle these days that might be considered rather primitive, but I have been thinking it's a way of life that we may all be practicing soon enough.

The cabin is powered by solar, but it is used mainly for the pump and lights. The fridge and stove are powered by propane. There is no TV or stereo, which I haven't missed a bit. There is running water, which come from a well (that's where the pump comes in.) The hot water is heated by the wood stove, which I haven't been using, so my showers are with room temperature water - brisk but at least it's not hard to keep the showers short, since water conservation is not just an option here.

I have to haul buckets of water to the garden - I feel like Manon of the Spring. Can't wait til my brother comes next week with two more lengths of hose.

There is no phone - there is cell coverage but I hate cell phones. It's funny though, I'm so conditioned that I come inside and have this sense of anticipation that there will be messages waiting! I use the computer at the island's internet access centre - only open a few hours a day five days a week.

But I'm not bothered by any of this "inconvenience". I get up early and go to bed when it gets dark. Keiko and I have a bit of a routine now - after breakfast we walk down to the beach, where she swims and I gather seaweed for the garden. Today we were the only ones on the beach, sharing the peace of the morning with a sea otter who was fishing for his breakfast a few feet from shore.

I have been having wonderful salads made with produce bought from local farms. There are several roadside stands, which operate on the honour system (you total your purchases and leave cash in the box, or leave an IOU), and sell everything from homemade bread and eggs to fruit and veggies. Yesterday I got the most gorgeous honeydew melon, perfectly ripe and juicy. There is also a farmers market on Saturday mornings, where haircuts and body piercing are also offered.

It is pretty idyllic. I don't feel a bit deprived! And as far as that backrub I mentioned yesterday, there are a couple of massage therapist on the island too. I just have to figure out how to contact them....


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I think this is a wonderful way to live. im jealous.

  2. In fact your life sounds like a paradise to me, it seems to be peaceful and well, basic, primitive is not the right word, just basic, as in coming back to the roots.

  3. Anonymous6:59 PM

    If we all ended up living like this, as you suggest, then we would all be in heaven. Paradise found!


  4. I sure wouldn't mind living like that. Well, not in the winter! But with summer produce and a lovely natural beach? I'm there.

  5. sounds ideal to me!


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