I found this stone while walking to the beach. It is a perfect comma, and I saved it because I thought a comma was a very apt symbol for this point in my life – a pause, a breath, a separation.


  1. what a find and what a metaphor...

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    This post has the feel of a haiku --simple and beautiful, yet resonating with deeper meaning.

    I'm very impressed with the strength and creativity of that princess!

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM

    OK. I'll try this again. I goofed the last time.
    The stone you found resembles a Magatama, an ancient bead/jewel ornament found in Japan and Korea as far back as 1,000 b.c. They were worn by people in positions of power and were passed on as sacred treasures. In fact, one of the three treasures of the Japanese imperial family that have been hidden away for over 1,500 years is a jade magatama necklace that was supposedly hung outside the cave that the sun goddess hid in to help lure her out. The shape of the comma shape is also said to be a visual representation of the human spirit.
    I guess that explains why you found this stone. You have a strong spirit which lead you to find it. Keep it and maybe it will bring you protection from more disruptions in your life. Jean-Pierre


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