Beware! Haiku Ahead

Well, ahem, yes, I have been known to indulge in the occasional haiku or two. I succumbed again yesterday while enjoying the midsummer evening tidal pools at Spring Bay.

Madrona leaf glowing orange on still water
The shadow of a starfish
A raven's call.

And here's another that I have playfully titled "Rumi on the Beach".

Heron stands stark beneath opalescent sky
Fingers of light stream a blessing
The beloved watches.

And just to keep to the pattern, here's one about Keiko and a hummingbird that was trapped inside the house.

Tiny wings thrum against the pane
A flash of teeth and jaws
And, a wonder, release unharmed.

The hummingbird jetted off into the cedars, Keiko was quite surprised, and I have the beautiful image of a hummingbird flying out of Keiko's mouth to remember!

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's market and got a haircut from Emily, who turned out to be one of the Mud Girls! I was so happy to meet her - besides giving me an excellent (and delightfully "salon attitude"-free) haircut, she filled me in on how I can get involved with Mud Girls. I have been planning to build a little wabi sabi teahouse/hut on my brother's land and the collective can help me build one - probably from cob. Do check out their website, everything from their philosophy to their buildings is fabulous.

I'm trying to take a day off from the garden today in respect for my back. So I sewed an Alabama Chanin style corset top from a couple of t-shirts I found at the free store. It turned out very cute - and only took 2 1/2 hours sewing by hand! Slow cloth doesn't necessarily mean slow in speed - when I made my first such top by machine I'm sure it took longer, mostly because I had to rip out every seam. I also have a haori jacket that I'm finishing, as well as my Three Fates embroidery - lots to keep me amused on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


  1. lovely poetry. it seems being away from the prince has given you the tome to sprout wings.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I love the image of the leaf on the water and the hummingbird flying out of Keiko's mouth. I'm also enjoying the way your blog moves in and out like the ebb and flow of ocean waves -- focusing in on the work of your hands and things growing in the earth, then moving out to the splash of a hummingbird rescue, a sheep swim.....


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