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Top Five Events of the Past Week:

1. I finally got my bike fixed and rode it for the first time since my accident back in August. (That was where I went head over heels onto the asphalt and broke my neck, 3 vertabrae in my back, my front teeth, and apparently lost some of my marbles.)
Hooray! it was good to be back on the bike, but it has rained every day since then, and I'm still not up to steep hills+wet pavement.

2. My meeting with the credit counsellor showed that I'm not quite as much of a financial dud as I thought I was. My new best friend will be a calculator, though.

3. My personal life is in disarray of soap opera-ish proportions..

4. The completely lovable yet boisterous to the max Miss Keiko Puff Banana (her show dog name) has chased our sweet little Britannia over not one but two fences and into the netherlands of the co-op. The cat hasn't been seen for two days now. I'm getting worried.

5. I went on a lovely cruise of Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm with my family in honour of my mom's 69th birthday. Here she is with my Uncle Allan in front of Silver Falls (the boat went right up to the shore!)


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Hi Heather,

    as they say out here, "Ganbatte!". It sort of means, "Do your best!/Don't give up!" Have comfidence in your products/crafts. I am sure they can sell well. As for your cat... Well, hopefully she'll come back. Maybe Keiko needs some sensitivity training. She needs to get in touch with her inner-cat.


  2. a soap familiar!


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