Iron Pour and Wisconsin Wrapup

The iron pour crew were surprisingly hot (and I don't mean in temperature) looking in their leather gear, heatproof coats and hard hats. Kind of a Mad Max vibe, very tough - even the girls had such strong looking arms, and smudges of soot on their foreheads, quite attractive. I loved the coats with SCULPTURE stamped on them.

The furnace had this amazing spout.

Here's Keely showing off her mold, carved in compressed sand. Cast tiles are on the table in front of her.

Here's the town waterfront on Lake Michigan.

And the inner harbour.

Sheboygan is refreshingly free of chain stores. Here's the sweet little zipper repair shop.

And finally, me in front of my quilt made from discarded fabrics, part of the DIY exhibit in the Community Gallery. The installation cleverly used hand lettered signage instead of the usual discreet white cards.


  1. Why had I never considered molded metal? How incredibly cool. (And yes, the makers are hot!)

    Your quilt continues to inspire me. It is glorious.


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