Beautiful BC

Here's a few more photos from the boat cruise up Burrard Inlet. We went almost to the end of Indian Arm. My mom was a bit disappointed because she had hoped to see the old WigWam Inn (sorry, that's what it was called. BC does have a shameful colonial past) at the end of the inlet. Our Great-Aunt Margie had worked there as a chambermaid way back in the 1930's.

This is looking the other way, back towards Vancouver.

The boat went right up to Silver Falls. As the captain said, a great photo opportunity!

This last picture is taken as we approach the Second Narrows bridge. It collapsed as it was being built, in the 1940's, killing many of the workers. (I didn't realize it, but just found out that the 17th of June is the 50th anniversay of the disaster. See a great article here. It is now formally known as the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Just beyond it is the rail bridge, and past that can be seen the Chevron oil refinery that is conveniently tucked out of sight of most Vancouverites.

And such is British Columbia. A combination of great beauty and wanton misuse of resources.


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