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I feel the need to be posting, but my life is in so much turmoil if I was to go into all the details we would be on the couch for days. Instead I'll just list a few random thoughts and events.
(My Mom says "Heather, you always sound so positive on your blog." Is that her way of saying I moan and groan to her too much?)

First of all, here's a link to Amber Wolf's Flickr site and some wonderful photos of the Swap at Maker Faire.

All my recent and upcoming work with Swap-O-Rama-Rama has led me to believe that there is a real need for ways to remake the older woman's wardrobe. And I guess I put myself in that category, even though it sounds like I'm steps from the crypt. I see so much wonderful reuse design out there, but most of it is more suitable for young women with either fewer curves or more attitude than someone like me possesses. If any of you can direct me to clothing reuse artists who cater to the more "mature" demographic, let me know. Gretchen Elsner tells me that most of her customers are actually older women, so maybe I'm just lacking in the style department (cue eye-rolling by stepdaughter).

I am busy embroidering my mysterious new work - should be able to show it off by next week. And this weekend I hope to do an indigo pot - have been looking forward to this one for ages.

I am very pleased to be part of Lisa Anne Auerbach's Tract House opening at the end of May in Baltimore. Lisa and I will also be crossing paths in Sheboygan this June, as we are both exhibiting works at the Kohler Arts Center (different exhibits, but same GPS location). I really hope one day to actually meet Lisa, I love her work.

And looking ahead to the fall, I plan a Vancouver Swap-O-Rama-Rama for the last weekend of September (details to be announced shortly). For my birthday present to myself, I'm going to take Lexy Boeger's spinning workshop, and learn to spin fat and chunky again! And there's the Eastside Culture Crawl, where the many artists of East Vancouver throw open the doors of their studios for a weekend long exhibition. I'll be both showing my work and feeding the masses that descend on 1000 Parker.

But there's a summer to be had in the meantime... so far it looks cold and wet, here in Vancouver, but I'm sure we'll get at least a few warm sunny days.


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