Jaws of Destruction

Keiko has, in the time it took me to write a couple of emails, created a swath of carnage through the living room. Adding to her previous shredding of a bolster pillow, a throw pillow and the cover of my copy of Knit Knit, she has now destroyed:
a) a pencil, left in a neat pile
b) my Great-Aunt Margie's hand crocheted afghan : (
c) another throw pillow
d) the cushion to an upholstered chair (her favourite)

Now the little minx is lying contritely at my feet, having retrieved her ball without me even asking, and chewing contentedly on it.

She has a very effective way of telling me I shouldn't be wasting time on a silly box of plastic when I could be playing with HER!


  1. Puppies! Arrgh!

    A wise vet once told me that "A Golden Retriever can never have too many toys." (Insert any similar breed.) I don't think anything can really stop puppy chewing, but a major passel of really cheap stuffed toys, as well as vet-approved chewy things (rawhide? or not) can help.

    My dog, who is 10 now, still goes through a stuffed animal or two per month (he always has a dozen to choose from), as well as several rawhide bones. (Some dogs can't tolerate rawhide, though.)

    Good luck and enjoy that sweet pup!

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I think Keiko is a very happy puppy. Her new guardian makes homemade doggy biscuits and thinks every thing she does is so very cute.

    I enjoyed meeting her yesterday. She seemed like a very well adjusted princess puppy. She’s a love child for sure.


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