Telling a Quilt's Story

While I was showing people the quilt in the previous post, it was fun to point out the various fabrics and tell how I found them. My husband said it would be a shame to have the quilt go out into the world and lose the stories that went into it, so I thought I would take a snippet of each fabric and put them into a little book.

I used the coptic binding method, covering book boards with fabric, making signatures from a nice recycled letterweight paper, and stitching it all together.

A sample page or two.

This is a variation on the family quilt where one can point to a certain fabric and say, that was from a dress of Aunt Margie's, or that was a skirt my mom made me when I was a kid. I'll send this book off with the quilt - it should be a fun little extra.


  1. great idea, i usually remember as i look through my stash, but i think this is a wonderful documentary methods. it would be a wonderful additional bonus to give away with a quilt.


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