The Year in Review

2007 has been a particularly eventful year for me. I realize I have a fairly eventful life in general (some would call it a soap opera) but this past year has been a standout.

Probably the most exciting thing has been Swap-O-Rama-Rama. I produced two of my own here in Vancouver, and as well travelled to Maker Faire in both San Mateo and Austin to help produce Swaps there. But the events themselves are but one aspect of the most radically creative and generous community you could ever hope to find. I have met amazing people through Swap-O-Rama-Rama, made some good friends, and also found a life teacher in Wendy Tremayne, the visionary creator of SORR.

I got married in June, to the wonderful Ian Gregson. We had a beautiful small wedding on Bowen Island, at the foot of a 1000 year old Douglas Fir. The day was the second full moon in the month, making it a "Blue Moon", as I like to say I only get married once in a blue moon.

Our honeymoon was to be at Burning Man, but two days before we were going to leave I had a terrible bicycle accident that left me with fractured C-1 and T6-7-8 vertebra. I spent the next three months in a back and neck brace, taking it very easy. This time was particularly frustrating for me because I couldn't do any work, no sewing or knitting or even reading, due to the immobility of my neck and my general fogginess and pain. I would love to say I came to some great insight during this time, but I really didn't, other than life is short and precarious. But then I think I already knew that!

(I look kind of grumpy in this picture. It was taken right after I got out of the hospital - guess I was still in pain!)
There were many lovely kind people who sent cards, made phone calls, and passed on good wishes throughout my healing process. Big thanks and much love to you all! There were also some people who shared their care whose names I don't even know - the young man who comforted me right after the accident as I was lying on the pavement waiting for the ambulance to come, the people who would offer their seat on the bus, the artists in my studio building who took up a collection for me. Knowing such goodness exists in the world does help give hope in times of helplessness and despair.

And speaking of goodness - some lovely blogging friends I have made this year! It is heart-warming to feel that I have connections all over the world. No longer do I feel like a solitary fibre obsessive. It is motivating to make something and know I have someone to share it with - other than my always supportive family! Thank you to all who visited the blog and especially those who made comments. I really believe this is the power of the Internet - to create community that transcends geographical boundaries.

This was also the year that my beloved Casey died. I do miss her gentle, patient presence and hope she is bounding happily through fields of daisies in that place that good dogs go. And there were some frightening moments when my dear friend Helene became very ill. She has shown exemplary grace through a long struggle, and I am very hopeful that she will be healthy and well in the new year.

I have lots more up my sleeve for 2008 - trips to New Mexico and Japan, possibly buying a business from a friend, more Swap-O-Rama-Ramas, maybe a book, and lots and lots of art! I'm sure there will be a few surprises thrown in along the way too.


  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    May all your surpirses in 2008 be good ones. I think three months in a body brace in 2007 has earned you nothign but the best in the New Year.

    Yoi otoshi o mukae kudasai! Jean-Pierre


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