Thriftin', thriftin', thriftin'...

Last week I was in New Westminister for my last appointment with the neurosurgeon. He was running late, so I took advantage of a rare sunny West Coast day and went for a walk. I came across the Royal Columbian Hospital Thrift Shop - it felt like a discovery - a real thrift store in the increasingly expensive world of second hand retail. How big did I score?

This big! For $20 I brought home all kinds of yardage, including a metre of teal ultrasuede and 4 metres of silk, cotton knits, zippers, naturally dyed cotton yarn, bright red knitting needles and a crochet hook, a linen sweater (worn in the picture below), and 2 boxes of vintage Christmas tree ornaments!

Today, I tried out my new serger on the stack of assorted colour cotton knit ribbing (25 cents a piece, $1.50 total) seen to the left of the top picture. In two hours I had three scarves. I think I'm pleased! The new toy might just pay for itself one day!

And in another of the ongoing thrifty moments that highlight my life, I unravelled the lovely blue sweater that I made for the SD. (It was found in a heap at the back of her closet with smears of icing hardened onto the front. I made an executive decision that it was foolish to knit for ungrateful 12 year olds, and as penance, I would frog it and make something for myself.)

Skeins washed and relaxing on a towel. I tried to capture the unusual combination of aqua and dusky blue.

And here's a swatch. I am making Anna Bell's asymetrical sweater from Knit Knit.


  1. i'm feeling an energy surge(serge?) here.....


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