Bits and Pieces

A medley of odds and ends today - probably each one is worthy of a post, but I'm in a flurry of excitement and can't focus too well!

Why am I in a tizzy? Cause I just booked tickets for a trip to Japan!!!

I came into a bit of money and figured this might be my one chance to visit my dream destination. I have wanted to go for years. I'll be going in late February - the austerity plan starts NOW so that I will have a good wad of yen. Luckily the Canadian dollar is in a favourable position these days. Oh, I booked my ticket online, and Air Canada helpfully provided a link that allowed me to purchase carbon offsets so I don't feel like a horrible person flying.

And then I saw that the new Knitty is up! Haven't actually been able to look at it just yet, since it seems massive numbers of eager knitters have crashed the site. But I did catch a glimpse of the cover shot - an absolutely perfect photo of a mohair? qiviut? beaded lace hood. Have a look - you'll see! But wait until the stampede is over.
*Later the same day.* The photo is from RomiDesignz Flickr group. I still can't load this page from Knitty - there must be a zillion others trying to see it at the same time.

And one more thing - today's No Impact Man posting led me to this terrific little video: The Story of Stuff. Check it out - it's a very accessible, funny and positive look at the problem our planet faces and how we can make things better.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Japan is one of my dream destinations too. *^v^*
    I agree the Winter Knitty has some really nice projects, including the cover one.

  2. i haven't had a chance to check put the links but i want to, lucky you...i wish i was going with you. oh my, i am jumping up and down for you. ( up...down...up...down...)


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