Fall Colours

Just a quickie today. I notice that I'm really loving these rich, muted colours for fall - purple, bronze, burnt orange.

And here's a sweater that I finally finished - I had completed all the pieces before my accident, but only now that I'm out of the brace have I been able to stitch it up. I'm still not sure about the deep scoop neckline - very Tudoresque, which I like, but it's hard to find the right top to wear underneath. Pattern can be found here.

And speaking of The Tudors, that series (which is currently being shown on CBC, but is also easily found as a download) has got to have the most gorgeous costumes I have ever seen. Total eye candy. The guy who plays Henry? Nahh...


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    glad the braces are off, that must be a relief...what a beautiful color...scoops are always tricky, especially, i find, as i get older. ha!

  2. Beautiful colours! And your Thermal looks great, I didn't like it in blue on the photo with the pattern, but your version is yummy!

  3. Looks great! Red and orange are ALWAYS in fashion over here... not just during autumn! (not that we really have any fall here in LA anyhow...)


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