Inspiration and Healing

Since I haven't been able to make stuff myself, I thought I would introduce you to another person who has been a source of inspiration to me throughout our long friendship. May I present Jean Pierre Antonio, artist, teacher and exemplary human being.

J.P. took the above photo this summer as he travelled near his home in Japan. This image resonates deeply within me - the clear green water, the not-quite-straight path leading to another place, mysterious and inviting, tranquil and restorative. This image has become my mental "happy place" slide that I slip into place when I have been having flashbacks of my accident or in other moments of anxiety. J.P. has given me many gifts over the years, but this one is very special.

J.P. has taught English in Japan for over 15 years, but before that he lived in Toronto, which is where we met. My most treasured memory from that time is when J.P. needed to find both a new apartment and another job, but rather than stressing and sitting by the phone he went to the park to lie in the sun. When he returned home there were two messages on his answering machine - one an offer of an apartment, the other a job. I remind myself of this sometimes when I get all worried and wound up about the future - do what J.P. would do - relax.

He throws great informal barbeques and has a wide circle of friends. One might think I was special because of the stream of treasures he sends my way - old kimonos, book, photos, artworks, hand written letters, but he has several friends that he treats just as generously. I think we have all gained an interest, if not love, for all things Japanese through Jean Pierre. He doesn't blog, but I'm hoping he will start posting his photos on Flickr. Share the love, baby!

And I would like to send my gratitude to all the lovely friends and even acquaintances who have sent their kind wishes for my recovery. I am healing on schedule it seems, although I may be in the brace for another two months. I am very lucky.


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    OK. Now I'm like totally embarrassed. Well, thank you very much for the kind words, and also for reminding me about that time in Toronto. It was a great time in my life. Everybody should be a poor student some time.

    Keep up the great work that you do! Jean-Pierre

  2. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Wow! I guess it's been awhile since I've checked your blog. I seem to have missed a lot!

    I love the photo with the water and the pathway! It immediately drew me in and took me to a positive space -- before I even realized it was one of Jean-Pierre's. I don't remember the Toronto story about Jean-Pierre choosing to relax in the sun, but it's a great image (I say this as one of those people who benefits from his friendship, generosity and creative appreciation of life).


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