Being Productive

Well, I've had a few brutal days but yesterday saw my beloved Dr. Norrie, the sweetest GP in town, who got my meds sorted and added an antinflamatory that seems to do the trick. Now, instead of lying on the floor moaning pitifully, I may be able to get up and actually do something.

But wait! One of the things I am learning through this injury is that I have a pathetic, perhaps obsessive need to be productive. To legitimize my existence. Why do I look at this time for healing, for rest, to be a wasted opportunity for making things?
Alice, of Lyric Couture and a SORR organizer in New Hampshire sent me a book of her poems and some good thoughts. "It's hard not to feel your life is terribly interrupted and even harder to try to see all this as part OF the life instead, for real, and not in a sappy-fake-spiritual way. Or, more simply, what I mean is, you are not of less value because you are not able to be "productive" or even doing anything."

I don't have any new things to show you, but here's an older piece that was a lot about production. I never felt it was finished - maybe I just didin't know how to stop making tiny invisible stitches.


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    For someone as productive and creative as you I know that your injuries must be an enormous hurdle. But after seeing you soon after your arrival home and then speaking to you more recently, I think I can say that you are recovering well, even if it seems to you that your progress is painfully slow. So have patience and let your body work things out, along with the care of everyone around you. You'll be back into creative work full-time before you know it. Jean-Pierre
    ps. That sounds a little passive, doesn't it? Hardly Heatheresque. Your active desire to heal will help too of course.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    wow, this is gorgeous! downtime is very tough for me too. feel better. this piece certainly did it for me!

  3. I hope you get better soon. I sometimes find downtime difficult too, but it can be powerful to focus inwards and be still for a while. Thanks for the link to Lyric Couture, looks like some great clothing over there - all recycled too, excellent!

  4. Glad to see you working and thinking and doing! I tried looking at your other blog but I saw the word "blood" and it made me queasy and then couldn't look at it anymore! Don't take it personally... my friend tried to show me a scar from her recent back surgery this morning at the farmer's market and I nearly fainted... Anyhow, keep up the good work and the great recovery! And send me your brick/mortar address and I'll get the new Saddlesore in the mail to you!


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