Oh What a Perfect Day

Yesterday was just about perfect. Did a lot of the usual stuff, but it was all ideal.

Checked email, and there was a note from Wendy who is off on an exciting new tangent - and claims I have inspired her! That just tickles my heart!

Then watched this incredibly beautiful video on YouTube, about khadi cloth. Khadi is handspun, handwoven cloth from India, and an integral part of Gandhi's revolution.

Off to the studio, where I finished one bag I had been commissioned to do. Then, on a whim, I decided to make a little patchwork sewing kit. It was the most joyous process! I just loved the fabrics, all scraps from Maiwa. It was like making doll clothes, so cute and fussy. I lost track of time and stayed late. (Sorry, the pics aren't great. I will do a proper photo shoot later.)

On the way home I had to stop at Sophie's Pet Palace for some cat food. The girl behind the counter and I started talking about sewing and crafting - it turns out she makes shopping bags from old pillowcases! She started making them as a fundraiser for a friend who was bicycling to Argentina and doing the 100-Mile-Diet along the way. Too perfect! I talked her up about Swap-O-Rama-Rama, hope she will join us for some crafty goodness on November 18. (Save the date!)

And then I got back on my bike for the final leg home, and passed some dreadlocked young men playing the most cool twangy hootenanny music in the alley. Not busking, apparently just for the hell of it! I love my neighbourhood. Just when you think the Drive has become a cliche, there is a new spark of random genius.


  1. What an adorable sewing kit! I love the colours!


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