The Deed is Done!

On June 30, 2007, at 5 in the afternoon, under a 1000-year-old Douglas Fir, Ian and I were married.

The happy event took place at a retreat centre called Xenia
on Bowen Island. Here we are walking from the Sanctuary, led by Ian's daughters. The weather, which had been rainy all week, blessed us with a break in the clouds.

My brother Dave built the walkway to Opa (the tree) several years ago when he was a caretaker at Xenia.

Judy Geddye, a BC Provincial Court judge and textile artist, officiated at the ceremony.

Our rings were made by Sarah Groves of Blue Box Design.
She lives just down the road from us in Vancouver.

Instead of a cake, my mother made us her famous trifle, topped with chocolate covered local strawberries. We had the reception at my brother's house on Bowen, and were served a fabulous meal of local wild salmon and organic salads. My brother Rob and his partner Jim were bartenders, shaking up delicious martinis. We also had plentiful amounts of organic red wine and sangria.

Here is my handsome husband, wearing the frock coat I made for him. It is green silk taffeta appliqued with dark green silk noile. The beautiful, charming and multi-talented Gretchen Elsner made my dress, of ivory silk noile and irridescent blue silk taffeta.

The gorgeous bouquets were created by The Flowerbox, off Commercial Drive, and used locally grown flowers and greenery.
Here's a closeup of Ian's ring, taken while we went exploring on Bowen.

We went for a little kayak trip around the island.

An early resident of Bowen scattered foxglove seeds around the island. They continue to bloom a century later.
1000-year-old trees and 100-year-old foxgloves - I hope that Ian and I share their resilience, adapatability and longevity.


  1. Oh! Congratulations! You two look so happy -- and I adore your dress -- those blue inserts are heavenly! And his coat -- awesome -- and the rings, and the trifle, and everything --

    Best and warmest wishes!

  2. Funny, your comment about going through a Monkees and David Cassidy phase -- those are the exact same two I had crushes on! Particularly Davy Jones of the Monkees.

  3. Congratulations!!! You both looked stunning! *^v^*

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Congratulations Heather and Ian. I can see that you thought very carefully about your wedding day. It's very personal and you didn't fall into the wedding industry trap. I look forward to seing you later in the summer and maybe here in Japan next year.

  5. Congratulations :) Everything is so beautiful!

  6. congratulations!!! I love the swirly jacket! you both look so happy! yeah!!! Shawna

  7. congratulations! you all look happy and lovely! yeah!!!!

  8. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Congratulations Heather and Ian! The wedding looks like it was a lovely event. Great outfits! I especially like the photo taken from behind the two of you as you approach the wish-bone shaped gateway. Very magical and Shire-like.

  9. Anonymous11:17 PM

    What a lovely wedding! You both look so relaxed and happy. My husband and I married almost six years ago (8/11/01), each of us for the second time. We are having the time of our lives! I wish you both a long and happy life together.


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