How Do You Stay Tidy and Organised? (And not go crazy!?!)

Pic of my room circa 2008. The file is named "Squalor".  Apparently, not much has changed.

So, I was hooking away on my rug and couldn't find my scissors/hook/fabric I just had in my hand two seconds, and it occurred to me that maybe it's possible that every other hooker/stitcher/knitter in the world might have the same problem occasionally, and maybe instead of cursing my own name for the zillion-th time, I could just ask my fibre friends for tips and pointers on keeping one's working area (diameter of an arm's reach) tidy and organised.

And, judging from my feverish sentence structure, it's an urgent problem.


  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Creative types live with the mess, congratulations you are a creative type.
    Einstein worked in a mess. I like to take naps in between tasks, I believe Edison did too. Learn to love your own crazy method of working. Cheers Jan

  2. HA, i wrote a response on my blog. Like you, things "Accumulate", organized or not :)

  3. Lately I've been using baskets and trays & wooden bowls to plop things (projects) in. They should be attractive. I like a pleasant visual to house the chaos. Also, I picked up a neat small carryall on line. I see Michaels also carrys it. It is inexpensive & unadorned, made out of fabric, has pockets on the sides and handles. I now have two. It's a good tote for short transport. I also have three pair of good fabric scissors & rotary cutters in case I misplace one, and multiples of good craft scissors, millions of needles and tape measures. I also have a place to keep them (in clear plastic drawers) if I'm in the mood for tidying up. I don't like to look far for tools.

  4. Don’t know if it’ll help but I keep my tools and stuff in containers like jars, cans and baskets. My sewing scissors have a hook beside my machine and I try to always put it back after use. And after I finish a project I clean and tidy my workspace before starting anything new. I hate not being able to find something I need!

  5. There is a reason why I have several good scissors of the same size...

    But if I get completely blocked (as in I can't just work on another project until what is gone will resurface because all the other projects have also something important missing)... then it's time for spring cleaning. No matter which month we have.

  6. when that one very important thing in the process goes missing suddenly I turn the studio space upside down in a whirling dervish/Tasmanian Devil from the Bugs Bunny cartoon way and then when it doesn't show up I go for a walk up the road, when I get back the very important thing is most often right where it should be... as if by magic, maybe that moment of losing it is the signal that a break is needed on the roller coaster ride of the creative process

  7. gave up tidying years ago, it doesn't last as long as doing the clean up in the first place. For immediate projects everything in use goes into one small basket, then when you "lose" something you only have that basket to search. When the basket gets full you only have to tidy one basket. I keep a small pair of scissors on a string around my neck. When all else fails I do the dishes,dust or wash the kitchen floor. By the time I'm finished the lost item has found itself.


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