Day at the Beach

Featuring, for the second time only in the history of True Stitches, a guest post by Gracie McGoober.

Today Mom and I went to the beach! It was the best! We can walk there, down the hill and through the trees. When I figured out where we were going, I ran very fast and jumped over logs that were in my way. Mom stood still and pointed the little box at something I don't care about. Come on Mom, it's time to swim!
Swimming is my favourite! Almost as much as chasing balls. (Sometimes Mom calls them B-A-double hockey sticks but I know she just means balls). I swim and shake and swim and shake some more. It's the best.
But Mom wasn't paying attention like she should. She kept picking up things from the beach and putting them in her pocket. I had to bark at her to remind her that she had to throw the stick.
Mom said it was better than shopping. I hate shopping! I have to sit in the car and wait and bark at other dogs in other cars. It's no fun. Dogs love fun! There's nothing like fun for a good time!
Come on Mom! Throw the stick. THROW THE STICK!!


  1. sticks good, beches good, Momm too slow. yer frend Nessie

  2. your Mom found such good treasures and sticks too Miss MacGoober, thanks for sharing the fun!

  3. Woof! Adults can be so tiresome.
    Cathy (Luvswool)

  4. Woof! Adults can be so tiresome.


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