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I know it must seem like I haven't been doing anything this month, but actually, behind the scenes, lots is going on. One rather remarkable experience has been facilitating a memory cloth workshop here on the island. We started with a day-long session on November 1, and then met weekly for an afternoon of stitching and sharing. I'm not going to show you pictures of what was made, since a key element of the group was that it was private, just for the six of us. Trust me that the magic dynamic of a group of creative and supportive women resulted in some powerful and inspiring work. I owe huge thanks to Beverly Gordon for offering the wonderful Memory Cloth workshop at Maiwa that I was so privileged to attend back in September. I took what I learned from her, and added my own experience as an art therapist, brought in boxes of cloth and needlework supplies and books and settled in to the Twin Beaches Gallery for a month, which was a lovely space to work in. Crossing my fingers that we'll have another round of workshops in the New Year.

And yes, the latest Codex Canadensis piece is finished and I'm just hand stitching on the backing. Pictures coming very soon. I have gone with a different way of presenting the work that I'm quite excited about.

And, last but not least, what does one do when the house hasn't been cleaned in a month and there are stacks of fabric everywhere, and boxes of apples waiting to be turned into sauce? Make a Downton Abbey maid's costume for a doll, of course. Uh huh. Who knew there could be such fun in making little bloomers out of linen handkerchiefs and small corsets for a body that isn't going to have a waist no matter how tightly I lace. I'm even thinking of making my own wee high button shoes.

The doll will be going for a fund raiser. My craziness is all for a good cause. (I keep telling myself.)


  1. Your memory cloth workshop sounds delicious. I am quite inspired by reading about it because it sounds more organized than the slow stitch meetings I facilitate locally.
    I'm also reading Beverly Gordon's book at the moment.
    Heather, I look forward to images of your downton abbey doll. So glad that you are nuts too. x


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