And Now For Something Slightly Ridiculous...

Photos from the MAL Furniture website.
Latest style news from the New York Times features sweater cosy for a plastic Eames chair from Dutch designer Niels Wildenberg. The hand knit cosies are priced at $1750, more than the chair itself. Wildenberg explains: “It takes more than a week to knit just one sweater, but the chair — just put plastic powder inside a mold and pull it out.” "The sweaters are undyed wool from New Zealand, knitted on tree branches, above, that allow artisans to work around the curves", continues the article.
Here's the unclad plastic chair, priced at just under a thousand dollars.
Well, I say, it's obvious Wildenberg has never been near a knitting needle, or he'd know that the tree branches so attractively pictured would be impossible to actually knit on. I think an interview with one of the "artisans" he mentions is in order. Wonder how much they are paid? He says that he wants his work to make people laugh - well, good, but those are awfully pricey chuckles.

And of course, people have been knitting giant things for awhile. I am reminded of artist Dave Cole's giant knitted things, including a huge flag knitted using industrial cranes, and this teddy knitted out of fibreglass insulation. I believe he does the knitting himself. And he's about more than just making people laugh.
The world never fails to amaze me.


  1. Thanks for this. And for all your intelligent postings in 2014. I will continue to come visit your blog to be stimulated and entertained.

    This post reminded me of Janet Morton's House cozy which still inspires me.

    here's a link to it and some other of her knitted art.

  2. Oh, yes, of course, Janet Morton is wonderful.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    wonder how much those tree branch knitting needles weigh??

  4. Or how much that wool would weigh? That wouldn't be knitting, it would be pumping iron!


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