Wild Beasts

 The stitching continues. I have finished the ferocious wild boar...
...and the ravenous lynx.
Here is the version of the lynx from the first codex piece I did. They are both the same size, but stitched with different yarn. There actually isn't much difference between them, although the latest one is a little more detailed.


  1. The drawing translate to stitch so well you'd think they had been designed for it!

  2. It's amazing to watch the progress with this work Heather, keeping the line true to the original yet truly your own stitch by stitch

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Perhaps the drawings were intended for textiles from the start. Could it be that they were meant to be designs for a Canadian tapestry to grace the walls of a monastery or convent back in France? Jean-Pierre


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