Saturday, October 04, 2014

If Only All My Other Projects Would Get Finished This Quickly

I have completed the footstool cover. The little stool had a note on the underside stating that it was carved in 1964 by "H. Andrews (blind)". Fifty years later, it is braced and mended and sports a bright new cover.
Cost: under $10. The burlap backing was bought new and I got a couple of pieces of wool from the thrift store. This pleases me in oh so many ways. And my Great-Aunt Margie, the original owner of the stool, would approve, I think.
Although she would no doubt be aghast at its intended use. Mischa does need a boost to get up onto the bed. Here she looks very serious, but her tail is wagging furiously. And I notice the rug is in desperate need of vacuuming. Oh well.
And this is what my workspace looked like afterwards. I am unrepentant.


  1. That's the way the workspace *should* look! ;)

  2. Lawdy lawdy.....thank you for showing a real-life, in use, workspace! Phew! x

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    love those wild colours. don't think it is possible to be creative in a neat, tidy space.

  4. Gee, what took you so long to learn rughooking? It's right up your alley for sure!

    PS. Glad to be back. Missed you!


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