Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coming Together

I am still stitching away on the little quilt, so I apologize if you are getting tired of seeing the same old colours. But I am loving the feel of the layers of fabric coming together, the way the quilting stitches give such a sense of cohesion and flexibility. The cloth moves differently, is more supple, yet resilient. The work is a pleasure.

James asked me this morning how I manage to get through the day without seeming to worry, which surprised me, since I have just as many cares and woes as the next person. I suggested that stitching is what keeps me sane, and I really do think it is a calming, restorative, nurturing and healing activity. But you already know that, don't you?!?


  1. I've often been complimented on my serenity (not by my children by the way, who consider me a worrier) but by others (like my mother).

    It's all due to stitching, I do agree.

  2. Why would I be tired of the colours? They're lovely and soothing. Keep on stitching!

  3. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I saw the picture before reading the text to your post and thought to myself - those are very nice colors!

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    oh yes, just in and out, in and out! your stitches are even and neat, all in perfectly straight lines - mine are big and small and wiggily. wandering thoughts, wondering stitches!

  5. It's just so pretty!

  6. yea i know that stitchy feeling...the one that changes the aura around me...sadly my son carries a great dark cloud around with him and i have to claw my way out of that daily...some days are better than others. he will be moving soon, i look forward to stitching for delight not just for sanity...sorry, didn't mean to unload, but some just don't get it do they???


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