Westjet 1, BC Ferries 0

I got this email from my Mom this morning. She had been visiting my sister in Kingston, Ontario when she discovered she had made an uncharacteristic boo-boo regarding her flight home to Chilliwack, BC. Here's her story: 

Just wanted to fill you in on a lovely happening that started out as a mini disaster.  Spread the word - Westjet is a wonderful airline!!!!   Yesterday, the 10th, I asked Laura to see whether I had an email from Westjet letting me know I could prebook my seat, etc.  When she pulled up the email, the letter said my flight was the 10th!  I looked at my pocket calendar which said the 11th (I couldn't print out my flight schedule as I usually do from my hotmail - the new system or???? - so I didn't have that for referral).  I felt very annoyed at myself for making such a stupid mistake. 
So Laura said lets phone Westjet.  She did, explained the situation, asked the agent to see if there was another flight leaving about the same time for today - the 11th.  The agent looked, said yes, (actually a better flight, with only 1 stop instead of two that my 10th day flight had) and that it would cost $545 or so.  Laura asked if she could book it for me and asked her to ask her supervisor if some discount could be made for me.  The agent said she would do that, it would take about 6 minutes - could Laura wait on the phone.  Laura said yes.  6 minutes later the agent said the flight was confirmed and the total cost would be waived.  WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!   I got on the phone to thank the agent who just said I was a special lady who was visiting her daughter.  So, pretty amazing eh????

So, home tonight, only a few minutes later than yesterday's flight.

Laura says I walk on star dust!   I believe her - I am so blessed in so many ways!!!!

love and hugs,

Isn't that sweet? Talk about a corporation acting in a human, compassionate way! And here's another amazing Westjet story.

So unlike BC Ferries - I attended their "public consultation" meeting last night, supposedly set up to get input about their latest round of cuts. Four cardboard cutout consultants representing BC Ferries versus 300 very passionate Gabriolans. I don't think the consultants listened to a word that was said - they just gave shrugs and stock responses to the questions put to them. Truly shameful.
Phillip Vannini wrote a really clever article about the evening over here at the Tyee.
Photo by Scott Cunningham CTV News
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