Call it Karma Contest

What the heck was I thinking? Setting up a shop on the blog? Forgive me for even considering such heresy! It must have been my recent foray into the seductive realm of the craft fair that had me thinking of dollars and cents. Picture this: Heather as automaton, repeating endlessly "Must make money." The need of which of course, I suppose, factors in there somewhere.

But hey, 'tis the season of generosity and gifts, so here's the plan:
Send me a comment telling me of your favourite seasonal non-commercial sharing. Perhaps you spend Christmas Day cooking dinner at a homeless shelter or maybe you have a huge Solstice bonfire with your friends and family. Maybe you do random acts of caroling, or shovel the snow from an elderly neighbour's front walk. Or maybe you have one of those 1000-piece puzzles that you put out on your dining room table and everyone who comes to visit can take part in putting it together.

Let me know and on December 18th I will blindly draw from the comments and send three lucky, generous people a gift of their choosing:
a lovely hot water bottle cosy, complete with hot water bottle;
  a fabulous pincushion,

 or a teeny-tiny jewel box for a special treasure (treasure not included).

Come on, let me know! Let's share the joy!


  1. Heather, i take extra gloves and toques with me==there are a lot of street guys and girls without in cold Calgary days--and i do it all winter handing them out not just for Christmas.
    PS I would be glad to exchange something for that lovely treasure box, not just be a winner :)

  2. Every year now I enjoy going to one of my favorite charity sites and choosing a few "gifts" like a chicken or a goat for a family. Or a bicycle for a missionary to travel on. Or even a SEWING MACHINE for a woman to have a chance to support her family.

    Your work is so pretty and colorful!

  3. Stephanie6:31 PM

    I always enjoy your posts and love your craft fair items. I like to take something homemade to my neighbors. This year it might be oatmeal bread and plum jam. It was a fine summer for our plum trees.

  4. Vanessa10:54 AM

    Hi HEather,
    Well, I wish I was more charitible but I ususally donate items to a Whitehorse, really Yukon, wide campaign call Bare Essentials. It is sposored byt eh YG's Women's Directorate and women's shelters and asks for basic donations like shampoo, hand lotion, socks, underwear, deoderant, diapers,etc for women and children that have essentially run out the door with only the clothes on their backs. I have also in the past donated and helped with another campaign called Share the Spririt that helps families that may not be have the resources to have a christmas celebration. Familes are profiled and then you can sponsor one and get the gifts and donate all the fixings for a a Christmas dinner. That is a good one. Since I moved to Whitehorse a food bank has opned and they serve in Whitehorse alone about 1000 clients a month, that is out of a total population of about 25 000 (Yukon is about 35000 people total). Anyway, that is about as much as I do but I hope it helps some one. I wish I had been at the sale you were at I love your pillows (well all your stuff. I made a pillow case the other day but the seam is all crazy but I am determined to get that sewin gunder way no more store bought Hallowe'en costumes ugh!! Plus Loughran is in this drama program and sewing would be a help; i guess he better learn that along withthe singin dancing and set design HA!!). All the best

  5. How did I miss this the first time around...that cozy looks interesting. Can I put wine in it I wonder?

  6. Anonymous5:02 PM

    --I choose gift wish cards off the community tree. some of the children's requests are heart rending. I enjoy doing the shopping and wrapping and hope it brings some Christmas cheer.


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