Best Day Ever #471

Guest posting by Gracie McGoober
Today was the best day ever! Even better than yesterday! I took Mom for a walk up to the top of the big hill. She's always getting lost  and so clumsy on her two legs that I took the lead.
I showed her the trail then I saw a deer and chased it away. That's the best!
By the time I came back she still hadn't got very far so I ran ahead very quickly, feeling the wind in my fur. That's the best!
Then I climbed the mountain, very nimble on my four legs. I was higher than Mom! That's the best!
There was moss all around, so soft on my paws. The ground was like stairs, so easy to jump up. Mom was slow, even slower than she is at dinnertime. She told me she was afraid to fall. Hah! Hah! Doesn't she know if you fall you just jump up again, lick your rear end and pretend nothing happened?
When we got to the top I saw a dangerous shadowy creature and barked very loudly so it wouldn't come near. Mom said it was Ronaldo's inukshuk but I don't know who Ronaldo is. I will bark at him too! Barking is the best!
There was a nice pool of cool water for me to drink. The best water ever!
Mom didn't have water, she just pointed the square boxy thing with the big eye into the air. I can't figure the two legs out sometimes. It's amazing that they manage to get through life.
Then I showed her the way down the hill and ran home and had a sleep on the porch in the sun.
The. Best. Day. Ever!


  1. thanks so much for this joyful post. I should have spent the day in the moss myself.

  2. aaawww this is SOOOO good! thanks for letting me share in your 'best day ever'!

  3. onesmallstitch10:16 AM

    thanks, Gracie. wish I could have been along for the climb and the best view ever.

  4. Too funny, it took me a while to understand that it was Gracie's post!

  5. haha, thanks for sharing your best day ever Gracie (I do at times wonder what Tungsten would say if I let him do the blogging....)

  6. Ah, the pure pleasure of a dog's pleasure--the best ever!

  7. Your Gracie is beautiful, and I love seeing another Toller. They are wonderful dogs, and it is clear that Gracie is very loved.


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