The Big Night

Bruce's Kitchen has moved to a new location in Ganges on Salt Spring Island.

With only ten days to change over, the chef and his crew managed to paint, redecorate, write new menus, organize the kitchen and order food. Some where in there they also did a few caterings. Above, Molly, and below, Deegan, set the tables for opening night.

Although roomier and more formal than his previous location, Bruce wanted to keep the same comfortable, homey feel.

Molly and Tala are busy behind the bar. (Yes, the new place has a liquor license!)

Chef Bruce does prep in the kitchen.

The appetizer was handmade ravioli stuffed with Moonstruck cheese and leeks, in a wild nettle pesto, with smoked salmon and fresh micro greens. All locally produced. And yummy!

The main was seared albacore tuna with "smashed" baby potatoes and roasted vegetables. Fantastic flavours. And I forgot to take a photo of the dessert, which was a gorgeously presented plate of two "Tim Bits" - fromage blanc beignets in a pool of rhubarb coulis (from the first rhubarb of the season), with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and a dusting of sweet cicely blossoms.

Congratulations, Bruce. May this be the beginning of many years of memorable dinners in your new place.


  1. I just had dinner... but now I am hungry again!

  2. Congrats to The Chef on the lovely new digs! The speed at which it came together is amazing. Here it can take months before a restaurant opens. The food looks scrumptious and I totally understand why there were no photos of dessert. I'm sure it didn't last long enough!

  3. Anonymous5:28 AM

    YES! Congratulations Bruce. I can't wait for my next visit to beautiful Saltspring Island and partaking in the best food around. I'm sure the new location will be a huge success.


  4. Sue Wood10:36 AM

    Wonderful, exciting evening! Exciting but still felt like"home".
    Superb food, of course.
    So glad you mentioned the "Tim Bits". That's exactly how I described beignets to my daughter-in-law before the delicious dessert arrived.

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    finally some competition for auntie pestos

  6. Yummm.. Do you ever get the leftovers? Looks heavenly. What a warm and inviting space for feasting.


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