Midsummer Night's Dinner

Please, join me for dinner. There's room for another plate!

An incredible meal will be served in the spectacular setting of a Salt Spring island heritage farm. An outdoor wood-burning oven has just been built, and Chef Bruce, of Bruce's Kitchen, and his staff are on hand to inaugurate it.

Kyle sets the table.

Marinated olives, hummous, and pickled peppers grace the table.

The oven is lit.

The test pizza is done.

Chef Bruce in his element!

Food heaven is becoming manifest.

A perfect pizza, with spice roasted potatoes, Hertel bacon, Moonstruck Baby Bleu cheese, caramalized onions and pesto.

On to the main course: Molly serves Zack a choice of salads to accompany a roast leg of porchetta style pork. The piggie was raised on whey from an organic dairy, and the meat rubbed with fresh herbs before being rolled and tied by Bruce earlier in the day.

More wine, anyone? All the wines served are from excellent BC vineyards.

A happy, convivial table.

Dessert pizza with Salt Spring chevre chantilly, Frangelico macerated strawberries, and rose petals.

The love and attention that went into this meal can't be shown in pictures. It was a team effort, of local farmers, charming hosts, caring, talented staff, good company, and a brilliant chef.

I was the lucky solo beneficiary of breakfast in bed earlier that day. To find out more, see Bruce's Pantry. I am clearing my inbox in readiness for the deluge of envious comments!


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    WOW! lucky girl. I'm sure you deserved every mouthful. Amazing.

  2. What a beautiful looking meal, I'm sure every mouthful was delicious. Great setting too.

  3. Yes, I am very envious...the food, the breakfast, the romance...

  4. Bravo!
    An enviable experience, for sure!

  5. Lovely description, beautiful experience!


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