Friday, April 08, 2011

Mellow Yellow

I've returned to the wheel after several months away. Just my habitual thread - I will either do a two ply for weaving or maybe Navajo ply it for knitting. No project in mind, just peaceful, easy spinning.

The fibre is a 70% merino and 30% seacell superwash, that I dyed very haphazardly with acid dyes. I wanted quite a bit of yellow in it - seems to be the time of year when my eyes crave yellow. This one tends towards the ochre/peach side of things, once it's spun up, which suits me just fine.


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Heather - the colours are fabulous, love them. want to see how they weave or knit up.

  2. Beautiful colors and how finely you spin. Once I took a workshop in spinning, not really my vocation, but I am fascinated by people who can do it.

  3. when i first opened the page I thought it was food and it looked delicious. then I realized it was yarn! so silly of me but sooooo beautiful. Love it!

  4. So pretty! Daffodils and tulips, eat your heart out.


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