Monday, January 03, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Edge

It's been cold for the last few days.

Hoarfrost delineates the eye of a swirling cosmic storm. (Well, driftwood, really.)
Could this be coral, out of place and out of season? (I looked it up and it's actually an orange finger sponge. Favourite food of the leopard droid. Who knew?)

Waves etched in sandstone.

Moving from the beach to the garden.
Elvis, the barred rock rooster, could use some socks.


Artichoke husk.

Liquid amber seed pods.


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    lovely beach weather. I also went today and was surprised to find the tide-pools frozen.Hope you are knitting Elvis some socks.

  2. I love the photos, they talk to me of silence and peace. Everything I need after this intense and emotional period. I realise now how much I need a bit of 'quiet' time' all for myself and I will have to work to have some. The weaves in sandstone are beautiful. Happy new Year, Heather.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Makes me so envious of your island home.


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