Friday, December 17, 2010

UFO's Are Landing!

And they look like chickens! Here's an Un-Finished Object from early this year. I actually started it right after losing my cuckoo maran chickens to a mink. I think I managed to get the daffodils done, then the piece sat on top of the TV enjoying some quiet time until I got a little quiet time of my own.

I was rather unenthused until I started filling in the greenery. Now I'm adding little flowers in the front and hope to be finished before Christmas!

One of the reasons for my lack of excitement over the front was because I liked the back so much. The way the colours pop out against the walnut dyed cloth is something I'm going to try deliberately on the next piece...sometime next year!

I'm thrilled by Sherri Lynn Wood's post about discernment and mending.


  1. Very your work!

  2. Your chickens are fabulous! And what luck that the back already has you imagining your next piece.

  3. A very lovely piece, I like the colors and how you used the fabric.
    A great thank you for the link to 'discernment and mending'

  4. What grand chickens! Sorry to hear about the ones you lost. This is a sweet memorial...


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