Monday, December 20, 2010

Another UFO, Full Moon and Solstice Fire

It must be an auspicious night. Another UFO bites the dust - I managed to coax a pair of gloves from two moth eaten skeins of thrift store cashmere. That's the full moon between my thumb and forefinger.

Morgan and Kathy hosted a solstice bonfire/stone soup party. The bonfire was amazing, and the soup delicious. (Everyone brought something to add to the soup, except me. My forgotten fava beans sat at home, defrosting forlornly on the counter.)

Morgan received his jacket, and I think was very pleased. Guys don't squeal and jump up and down, so it's sometimes hard to tell.

He did wear it all night.


  1. Looks a great night. Sadly it was too cloudy here this morning to see the lunar eclipse but I'm trying to track down other people's photos of it.

  2. I am glad you all had fun.

  3. Thanks Bascom! It was too cloudy here to see the full eclipse, but did get to see some of the early stages before the clouds rolled in.

  4. Thanks Heather sorry I didn't squeal and jump up and down I do love it I was admiring the detail
    Inthe morning and fear I'm cheating you at that priceany thanks Morgan


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