Dog Star Quilt

I was asked yesterday by the folks putting together the Annual Firefighter's Picnic to donate something for the raffle. I decided on a quilt to go in the "Dog Lover's" package, and ran around like crazy to find the materials.

It's a really simple design, with appliqued stars. I used a bandana belonging to an old boyfriend for the stars, which echo the pattern of the main fabric (which features lively looking border collies), and fussy cut stars for the little inset blocks on the sashing.

Gracie gave it a test run. I tried to get her to wear a bandana herself, like all those fashionable dogs on the fabric, but she wasn't having any of it.

Still have the actual quilting to go, and I think it needs more of a border, but the picnic is on Saturday and I hope to have a life in the meantime.


  1. I lovely quilt for some lucky dog. I used to make smaller ones for cats. Fun quilt to make - Hugs Nat


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