I May Have Triffids

The garden is growing unbelievably fast, in spite of the lack of rain. We have had several weeks of warm, sunny weather, which of course is a blessing, but our water tanks are being depleted a little too quickly.

Ooh, quick, look, is that a garden gnome? Awfully cute in that straw hat...

I fear these are triffids, not the tomatoes that were promised on the seed package. Any day now they will unroot and start roaming the countryside, hanging out at malls and terrorizing seniors. Oh right, that would make them teenagers, not extraterrestrial beings. Maybe I just need to prune.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Well, you will be eating delicious vegetables all summer long and well into winter too. That's quite a vegetable plot you've got going.
    I wonder if we're both experiencing the same weather system. Last week it was officially announced that the rainy season had begun in the Kansai area (my part of Japan) and I expected a wet weekend but instead we got blazing sunshine and heat. I took the oportunity to finally put my balcony garden in order. Most of the weeds are gone now and I've got a couple of dozen basil plants growning. I can hardly wait for the harvest.
    Bye, Jean-Pierre


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