Resurrecting A Sweater

I started this sweater back in the early days of 2008. It originally was a hoodie I made for my ex-step daughter. She wore it once and got chocolate on it, so, as 11 year olds do, threw it to the back of her closet to languish indefinitely. I found it while cleaning her room (achh, why, oh, why do I do these things?), decided that an 11 year old couldn’t be responsible for a handknit sweater, unraveled the whole thing, washed the yarn, and set about knitting Anna Bell’s Bridie sweater from Knit Knit.

I quickly managed to finish front, back and sleeves. Then it was summer and all the shit with the prince happened. The sweater waited forlornly in the bottom of my knitting bag until a couple of weeks ago, when I pulled it out, realized that it was almost done and I just had to finish the button bands.

Easier said than done, due to the odd angles. I knit and ripped, knit and ripped. Luckily I was quite enthralled by the multi-coloured, multi-layered buttons (which seem impossible to photograph) so they kept me going until, finally, the bands fit.

I do like the finished product, even though it may not be the most flattering shape for me. It looks better with the bottom three buttons undone, but it any case is cosy and has already garnered a few compliments. I love the colour, probably my favourite blue.

Now I am at work on Wendy Bernard’s Yogini Bolero in AllHemp6. Like knitting with string, a bit hard on the hands, but luckily it’s a small garment.

And just for the dog lovers out there, here’s a totally UNphotoshopped picture of Keiko in mid shake. I wish I could do that!


  1. Great shape, very unusual. ^^
    For a moment I thought you just took the sweater you made for an 11 year old and could wear it yourself, that would be something! *^v^*

  2. Hi! I knit that Bridie sweater too and wasn't crazy about the wide neckline... it's tough to find something to wear under it that doesn't class with the lines. I was thinking about reknitting some of the banding around the neckline a bit shorter, but I never got around to it. I don't wear the sweater very much, and wonder if I would wear it more if I could change the neckline...
    Yours looks exactly like mine, and hearing that you reknit a few times makes me wonder if this is just how the pattern is, and perhaps it would take a lot more than just shortening the band to fix the neck.



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