Road Trip

A trip to Calgary from Vancouver was on the agenda. We had four days, one car that seemed to get smaller the longer we drove, and two teenage girls. It was an exercise in patience, and I was definitely a Crispy Critter by the end. However, there was lots of B.C's beautiful scenery.

A receding glacier in Roger's Pass.

A gorgeous turqoise river, and fireweed in bloom.

The Fraser Canyon, on the Trans-Canada, a route that almost no one takes anymore now that there's the Coquihalla highway. What a shame, because the Coquihalla, while shorter, is quite devoid of scenery.

Do we look like we're starting to get frazzled?

She definitely is!

In Cache Creek, we stopped at an incredibly groovy restaurant. (Well, the architecture was groovy, the food was unremarkable.)