Tuesday, May 08, 2007

She's Baaaaccckkkk!

Kali is once again tapping me on the shoulder. I actually made this fabric collage a couple of years ago, in preparation for teaching a workshop on therapeutic textiles. I have her hanging on my storage room door, and even though I pass by a dozen times a day, sometimes she demands my attention more than others. Now is one of those times!
"She who devours time" has always been one of the most interesting goddesses for me. When I am in a very busy transitional period thinking of what she represents can be helpful in reminding me that clearing out the old stuff is necessary before the new can be welcomed in. (I'm talking metaphor here.) Sometimes the process of clearing out the old isn't very pleasant, and I definitely have a tendancy to want to hang on.
It is also said of Kali that she doesn't give what is expected. So I must lighten my grasp, stop trying to control and be open to what comes.
Still, there is anxiety. And the best way to deal with that, for me, is to go and make something. So I'm off to the studio, going to ask the puppet makers who have invaded (they are only there for a month, working on a film, very nice people) to move over and I'll finish that quilt I'm working on. Pictures tomorrow!

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